The Facilitators

Michael + Bianca Alexander, Retreat Facilitators

We are honored and humbled to facilitate this year’s Finding Sacred Love workshop on the transformational island of Bali. After suffering through painful decades of ritually dating Mr. & Miss Wrong, we each individually made the choice to find our soul mate, and since then, have been happily coupled for over 16 years. Our “chance” meeting at a gay party in Hollywood and an unconventional courtship led us to embark upon the adventurous journey of creating sacred, lasting love in our marriage, business and life.

Upon witnessing countless divorces, separations and heart-breaking false starts among our friends and loved ones, we were inspired to share with others the spiritual principles and best practices upon which our relationship was founded and continues to grow and flourish.  After leading our first workshop during a spiritual sabbatical to the mystical vortex of Sedona, Arizona, we are now thrilled to share the timeless wisdom of conscious coupling in the magical energy of Mama Bali.

Our fun, soul-focused teaching approach is guided by yoga, meditation and the universal wisdom of all religions, and has inspired singles from around the world to confront their relationship demons, develop new patterns in dating, and cultivate lasting self-love in order to attract the partner of their dreams. To learn more about Michael and Bianca, click here.